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        Connectify is a desktop tool that turn your pc/laptop into a wireless access point. Working essentially as a front end for Window 7's "virtual wi-fi" feature, Connectify allows you to share the internet connection of your laptop with other users. It is also handy for keeping all your mobile devices connected from one internet source without having to rely on wireless routers. Connectify is one of the first tools that uses the power of mesh networking. The idea behind mesh networks is that every pc/laptop can become a wi-fi hotspot, ensuring not only a steady internet connection but also allow integration of different devices without having to set up anything. Once installed, Connectify sits in your system tray.

According to Connectify CEO and founder Alex Gizis, back in 2009, the development team was testing wireless networking hardware at an Army base. Their hardware technology was driving Humvees wirelessly over miles, but the team itself was juggling USB drives to sneakernet files between Windows laptops. For the next trip out, they brought a hardware router, but the bulk of that extra gear, and the need to plug it in, became an issue. To address this need, they developed the original Connectify application.



We've tested the application on a Windows 7 laptop and everything worked quite smoothly and we had an Access Point up and running in a couple of minutes. Conveniently enough, the application does all the required tasks automatically, including the wireless card, firewall and Internet sharing configurations.

- Gombug.Net



To start a hotspot, just fill in your preferred Wi-Fi name and your pass phrase, and then click the large button to turn the hotspot on. Other devices will immediately detect your created hotspot and they can join in using the password that you supplied. Once you've set up the hotspot, other devices can connect to the Internet through your laptop. At home, in a hotel or at your dorm; other computers, printers and gaming consoles can be connected wirelessly. When you're out, Connectify allows you to connect with the mobile phones, laptops and netbooks of coworkers and friends. When traveling, you can pay for a single internet connection and get all your devices online.


Sharing your Wi-Fi connection with Connectify is pretty straightforward. Once installed, simply create an access point name, give it a WPA2 encrypted passphrase and choose the net connection to share. Windows 7 is required on the notebook acting as a wireless hotspot, but any wireless-equipped device, including handhelds and other notebooks running whatever operating system can jump online without any additional software. Your friends won't see an "ad-hoc" network but rather a full blown Wi-Fi access point served up from a virtual cloned version of your wireless network adapter. The software enables users to save money on multiple Wi-Fi connections while on the road and still get all their devices online simultaneously. It can also serve as a rough and ready solution to extend the Wi-Fi range of your home network without buying a repeater router.

Connectify runs as an infrastructure access point by default, but it can work in ad-hoc mode using WEP encryption. The only reproducible glitch we came across was when trying to share an Ethernet connection from a router over a Wi-Fi dongle on a PC when the router's Wi-Fi was enabled: this seemed to confuse Connectify and devices couldn't connect, although the hotspot was shown as running correctly.

The solution was either to connect to the router's Wi-Fi connection instead and share that, or simply turn the router's Wi-Fi off and share the Ethernet connection. When sharing a connection, Connectify also makes it easy to transfer files between devices that are connected to each other. A simple drag and drop process is all that it takes to copy and move files, and file transfers are even possible to a computer than does not have Connectify software installed.

This is thanks to the fact that the network that is created has a web interface that can be accessed from any authorized computer so files can be transferred in this way. There is also a Pro version of the program available which includes a number of extra features as well as enhancement to options that are also found in the free version. Upgrade to PRO and use Connectify as a wired Ethernet Router to get Ethernet-based devices onto Wi-Fi or 3G networks. Now you can dust off that old Xbox 360, and get it onto your home or school Wi-Fi network! PRO users can also share iTunes through connected computers with integrated Apple Bonjour Support.



There's better support for the drag and drop transfer of files between connected devices and the AutoInternet Selection feature automatically selects which of your available connections should be shared and makes the necessary changes for you. You also have the option of customizing the SSID and gain the ability to set up a repeater.

Connectify relies on a new service in Windows 7 called the Microsoft Virtual Wi-Fi Miniport Adaptor

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+1 #3 sutandaulay 2013-01-18 00:51
I've test this connectfy software, and it works well, it can also connect to a modem that we use, that we can share the internet connection from the modem that we use. 8)
0 #2 Man Tokak Perindu 2012-11-01 08:16
Terbaik! baru ada akal nak menepek gang gang usb berokband kat hostel hahahahah
0 #1 CK Tan 2012-10-30 19:02
Great tool!

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